Lifes thoughts #Godsgrace&peace

Accept life’s changes with Gods grace.”


Ignore our messy counter but I’m so ready for fall y’all !! The very first pic I shared was my quilt challenge !! For fall !!! Who Ells loves fall like me lol 😝

This is the link article I found Definitely worth reading !!🧡
Took a screen shot to show you !!
Great reminder for me “

The other day my husband told me in a loving way my baby getting gray highlights it’s sexy !!!! Yes he really said that !! I didn’t know how to react I just busted out laughing 😂 I just said thank you as I was laughing !! I looked at myself in the mirror for a little while wondering if I should highlight my hair the Lord told me I already have !!! I said to myself it is kinda pretty then my 11 year old cousin says wow Carrie you got glitter in your hair so pretty !!! She was adorable 🥰 I love how childrens minds works !!! Don’t you ?!

My mind has been going through a seasons of loneliness the Lord has been showing me you may be alone physically I am right here by your side !!! My hubby has never made me feel lonely just the nature of his job right now some nights I just listen to worship music 🎼 like tonight on Amazon prime. So calming for me.

Momma is doing great in her new place I’m so proud of her and I treasure our visit s it’s not the same my heart grieves in many different levels ! Do you know what I’m talking about ??!! It’s hard to explain “. My husband knows I cry on his shoulder way to much about momma and less time with him he’s very supportive right now this is how life is to accept the changes God gives us “.

He’s very true we can’t help how life changes day to day. Two residents I know at moms very well passed away from there awful diseases life gives”. I miss them very much just there!! presence there is misses so much it’s so quiet without them :(. Sorry y’all just sharing my heart ❤️. (I miss sally and frank not there real names )when I’m there I visit every one !!!! Momma loves that about me she told me one day she’s proud of me that I can make anyone there smile 😃

I think 🤔 about the day I get a call when momma first day in heaven. Part of me is praying about volunteering there so I can be a part of momma there ! Like a few hours in the morning like reading to them feeding them none of the heavy work. Light work that I can do !!!

One of the ladies told me I would be an excellent caregiver I smiles and said I was for 6 years extremely hard !!

Treasure the ones you love take lots of photos of them life is short hold on to the memories !! 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡💛💛.

Thanks for listening to me tonight have a peaceful night where ever you are “ send me a message below !!🙏❤️💜💜💜

By The beat goes on with Congenital Heart disease

I was born with Congenital Heart Disease
I became a Quilter the year around 2010. Quilting has changed my life !
I see a whole new world with Quilting.
I was born with heart disease & I had a rough childhood and early adult hood filled with Dr appointments and surgeries along the way !! I didn't let that keep me down !! God brought quilting to me and luckily my mom was a quilter and she was my very first teacher ! Ever since the love of quilting grew bigger and bigger inside me God gave me the desire & passion for Quilts I believe each quilt has a story to them and even the ones we make for our loved ones God can use his love through our Quilts !! Bringing others smile and joy & bring others comfort is the reason why I Quilt 😍😀
Welcome to my journey as I share my passion to the world.
My quilts are seen all over the world when I show them in social media brings me great joy to meet many new friends in this journey !!!😀 Welcome to my blog I hope you follow me I hope you will share my story to many others enjoy!!!
My blog is my about my health journey and having the roll of caregiver for my Momma